Multiple Sclerosis…Why Not Me?

Multiple Sclerosis…Why Not Me?
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Multiple Sclerosis…Why Not Me?
by Vincent Spoto

Upon being formally diagnosed with MS in the summer of 2006, I immediately began interferon treatment. For approximately two years after being diagnosed, there were no visible symptoms. Then in fall 2008 I began to limp. As time went on, my gait became impacted & has since gotten slowly but progressively worse. I currently suffer from secondary progressive MS. Presently, I am fully ambulatory but do utilize a cane. In addition to my gait issues, my balance is off and I do get fatigued often.

I am determined not to let MS get the best of me. After falling victim in 2007 to a Reduction in Workforce (RIF) associated with the collapse of the secondary mortgage market on Wall Street, I teamed up with two partners & formed an advisory / consulting business. Today, my business continues to thrive & do well.

My determination to deal with my MS & be ready for the cure is founded in four main principals. These are:

Remain Engaged in the Marketplace / Workforce. Remaining engaged in the workforce keeps me abreast of current marketplace events, allows me to maintain relationships, network with others & provides me with a sense of accomplishment necessary for overall well-being.

Remain Physically and Socially Active. I find exercise to be critical in that it keeps me active. Admittedly, some days are more difficult than others, but I push myself to get out of the house & exercise. Additionally, meeting with & talking to others on a regular basis keeps me engaged and socially relevant.

Remain Positive. Dwelling on the negative takes too much energy & only drives one to become depressed. While I am often times frustrated, I remain optimistic about the future & remain confident that a cure is forthcoming.

Remain Knowledgeable. Having knowledge is having power; with respect to MS, this is essential. Today, progress towards a cure is being made at a rapid pace. It is critical to always ask questions, stay informed and do your homework.

When, not if a cure is identified, I plan to be ready to take full advantage of all those little things that life has to offer.

MS … Today it stands for Multiple Sclerosis. Let’s hope tomorrow it stands for Mystery Solved.

(2016, Paperback, 342 pages)


Multiple Sclerosis…Why Not Me?
Multiple Sclerosis…Why Not Me?

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