Moving Up Against the Odds

Moving Up Against the Odds
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Moving Up Against the Odds
by Jack Andrews

Born into a simple fishing community without a father, the author sought to become a master of many skills in construction, shipping, fatherhood, and fighting through life’s struggles. The grateful “Maljack,” as he is known to many, preaches the message of honesty and respect in personal and business transactions while pursuing one’s dreams through hard work and perseverance.

Drawing from his own life experiences moving through the social, political, and commercial spheres of his island, Andrews will inspire you to forge your own path, whatever your field of expertise or your dreams may be.

About the Author

Jack Andrews is a resident and native of High Rock, South Andros, in the Bahamas. He enjoys spending time fishing, swimming, and helping other people overcome their personal challenges.

(2010, paperback, 82 pages)


Moving Up Against the Odds (PDF e-book)
Moving Up Against the Odds (PDF e-book)

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