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by DB Reichel

Mona is a fascinating work of erotic fiction that explores the depths of the relationship that develops with Bruce and his mysterious new neighbor, when his wife leaves him for another man.

Bruce first meets Mona at the house she used to share with a brilliant scientist. Something happens to Bruce when he is kind to this mysterious, elegant and enchanting woman. The relationship quickly escalates as Mona claims him as her own, and devotes herself to his well-being. Mona’s unique talents prove intriguing to everyone she meets, particularly her gift to lift people to a better place in life.

The appeal of Mona, like that of its title character, is multi-layered, and readers will find themselves quickly drawn into her isolated, yet profoundly beautiful, world.

About the Author:

DB Reichel grew up in Maryland and moved to Indiana eight years ago. As a mechanic/designer/fabricator he repaired helicopters in Vietnam, built and raced cars, built armored vehicles and currently teaches counter-terrorist driving for the government and Spec-Ops community. His work has taken him throughout the world and he has trained people from over 120 countries.

(2015, Paperback, 204 pages)


Mona [EBOOK]
Mona [EBOOK]

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