Morning's Light: The Here and Now

Morning's Light: The Here and Now
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Morning's Light: The Here and Now
by William E. Dickinson, a painter of words

Author William E. Dickinson, a painter of words, illuminates beauty as the heart and soul of his writing. He tries to emancipate the reader from a regular day into mystical feelings of Godís love, endearing softly through his poetry.

May the beauty of the moment extend to all of your skies, softly afloat on angelsí wings, as Heaven casts the light in your eyes. The soul of love in a safe harbor lies always with serenity.

About the Author: William E. Dickinson, a painter of words, was born a short drive from his ancestor Emily Dickinson's birthplace in Amherst, Massachusetts. Dickinson's writing started in earnest after breaking a few backbones in a 1988 fall. His penchant for writing became two thousand poems and, after a new marriage, over three thousand poems, with many published. His published compendium, Breath Torn Away by Sept. 11, was a poetic ride through terror and humanityís heroic triumphs. His novel The Wisdom Seeker and two sequels are soon to be published. A new novel, Missionary of Death, is being written with Dickinson as coauthor with Greg Nassar. Dickinson's last extensive poetry book is Golden Strands and Bright Sunsets with Blue Echoes of Heart and Soul. Empathy for all life is the soul of his writing.

Gardening, choir, and Aikido are relaxing and meditative pursuits Dickinson enjoys. His new marriage gives him the contemplative assets for even more lovely poetry.

(2015, Paperback, 28 pages)


[E-BOOK] Morning's Light: The Here and Now
[E-BOOK] Morning's Light: The Here and Now

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