Mind Vapor: From Pen to Paper

Mind Vapor: From Pen to Paper
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Mind Vapor: From Pen to Paper
by Karen Killen Alexander

No road through life is exactly the same: some paths are lined with cobblestones and flowers, some are rough roads, some are seemingly endless tunnels. These roads make up the paths that we have to traverse at some point on our journey; and although the walk may not be at all pleasant or easy, we pick up something vital along the way and take it with us as we move along.

In Mind Vapor: From Pen to Paper, Karen Killen Alexander shares her personal journey through life’s ups and downs, the memories she made, and the lessons she learned as she deals with hardships and challenges and while recognizing to be grateful for the smallest of blessings.

About the Author

Karen Killen Alexander was born and raised in Maryland. She was married to a Naval officer, during which she became active in military and civilian community functions. She is now divorced and a single mother to two children who are currently attending college.

(2014, Hardcover, 136 pages)


Mind Vapor From Pen to Paper E-Book
Mind Vapor From Pen to Paper E-Book

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