The Mist of Winter

The Mist of Winter
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The Mist of Winter
by Hope Braveheart

In The Mist of Winter, Hope Braveheart illustrates the “six degrees of separation” theory, also known as the “human web.” This hypothesis proposes that everyone can be connected to any other person on Earth in six steps or less.

As the story unfolds, a lovely, young woman named Dawn struggles with her dream of being an artist and living in an abusive marriage. In her efforts to escape, fate leads her to a “chance” meeting with a man who Dawn realizes is, not only her protector, but also her “true love.” Along the way, Dawn unravels the extraordinary “web” that connects several of the people in her life, not only to each other, but to Dawn herself.

Braveheart provides optimism for the abused woman and encourages anyone in such a situation to ask for help. She strengthens the premise that there is always hope for a better life after abuse.

About the Author

Hope Braveheart resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband, Michael. The author’s desire to become a writer began as a child.

Braveheart studied business at the University of Phoenix, and was an accountant for ten years at a manufacturing corporation. She has an A.A. in Marketing Management and an A.A. in Legal Assistance. Her interests include travel, art, reading, music, cooking, and movies. She is currently a member of a Bible study group at Calvary Chapel and a book club.

The legacy continues in Braveheart’s second novel, The Opera House.

(2011, paperback, 216 pages)


The Mist of Winter (PDF)
The Mist of Winter (PDF)

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