Miss Anne and Her Doll Collection

Miss Anne and Her Doll Collection
Item# 978-0-8059-6407-3

by Thea De Bellis

Magical and mystical things can happen in the wonderful old house of Miss Anne and Her Doll Collection. Although visitors know she can perform a magic of her own when it comes to repairing broken, damaged, and abused dolls, they do not realize that it is precisely Miss Anne’s doll collection which gives her house it’s special quality. Every year when she and her poodle go on vacation, something wonderful happens – but you must read on to find out what, for that is part of Thea De Bellis’s charming and loving tale of Miss Anne and Her Doll Collection!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Thea De Bellis also collects dolls, or rather they come to her, as she says. She rarely buys them for herself, however she did so recently when she experienced her second birthday party in eighty years – since her birthday is quite close to a major holiday, she found that most people were usually too busy to remember, however she and Beethoven always celebrated together!

She also noted that publishing Miss Anne and Her Doll Collection is “strictly a fun experience for me. I want the story published as an example and inspiration to my grandnephews, Andrew, Matthew, Victor, and little Matthew Anthony. I want them to know that there is no end to the horizon – you keep going forward even at eighty.”

Thea DeBellis chose her friend eleven-year-old Gabrielle Haikim of the Fox Lane Middle School to illustrate her story. Gabrielle enjoys drawing, dancing and music.

(2004, paperback, 42 pages)


Miss Anne and Her Doll Collection [E-book edition]
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