Mischief in Trouble

Mischief in Trouble
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Mischief in Trouble
by Janina Mininsky

Mischief is a small elf with dark eyes and hair who is always getting into trouble. No matter how hard he tries to be good or how much he tries to help out, trouble is always hot on his heels, following him around like a loveable puppy.

It is almost Christmas in the Elf Lands, and everyone is very excited and busy in getting ready for Santa’s visit. But wherever Mischief goes, Christmas trees become undecorated, musical instruments refuse to play, and even the furniture doesn’t work properly.

Finally, after an unfortunate mishap with the Queen’s magical wand and the King’s beloved crown, Mischief is thrown out of the palace and exiled into a world beyond the reaches of the Elf Lands. There he will encounter humans, monsters, and many great adventures. Will Mischief ever find his way home?

About the Author

Janina Mininsky is a native of London, England, who wrote this story in loving memory of her mother. She also dedicates this story to her children: Helen, Richard, and Louise. She had a great deal of fun in bringing this whimsical story to life and hopes to bring joy and laughter to all those who read this book.

(2009, paperback, 46 pages)


Mischief in Trouble (e-book)
Mischief in Trouble (e-book)

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