Memories in the Mist

Memories in the Mist
Item# 978-0-8059-7218-4

by Sherri Lynn

This insightful collection of Sherri Lynn’s deepest desires and dreams, Memories in the Mist, is a very poignant attempt to grasp the human soul with its figurative hands and articulate phenomenal language only the soul can best understand.

As her daughters have inspired much of the poetry, Sherri Lynn thanks them with selections such as “Blossoms of Life,” “Veronica’s Snow Globe,” and “Adrian’s Secret Meadow.” Perhaps the very soul of Sherri Lynn herself is envisioned while taking in “Temptress of the Sea,” where she displays her victory over the obstacles she has – and has yet to – overcome:

So beautiful, yet so dangerous for men,
singing their death songs
only sailors can hear, for it is
at the bottom of the ocean
where their fate awaits.

Breathe and take in Memories in the Mist, a relaxing vacation from reality and a passageway to dreamland.


A native of Anchorage, Alaska, Sherri Lynn received her associate’s degree in applied science in 1983 and her bachelor of arts degree in anthropology with a minor in journalism in 1989, both from the University of Anchorage. She has two daughters: Adrian and Veronica. She is an administrator assistant at Holy Spirit Center, and she is a member of the Alaska Anthropological Association. Sherri Lynn enjoys fishing, camping, hunting, spending time with her family, and writing. This is her first published book.

(2006, paperback, 40 pages)

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