Mason Valley Ranch

Mason Valley Ranch
Item# 978-0-8059-7578-9

by Lynn Medley

From the time they were young children, Rachel and Birdie were destined to be together. Their idyllic days of youth were violently interrupted, however, when Birdie was removed from Rachelís familyís ranch because she was an Indian. Rachelís parents are helpless to stop this, and Birdie is supposedly sent to a reservation.

The huge hole in Rachelís heart only becomes bigger when her father and brother are killed in a tragic accident. She and her mother struggle to maintain the large ranch by themselves. Meanwhile, Birdie never makes it to the reservation Ė she is sold into prostitution and begins enduring years of abuse and turmoil.

The appearance of a mysterious little girl at the ranch sets in motion a reunion between Rachel and Birdie, but it is not the happy one they anticipated. More obstacles must be overcome as Rachel fights for her home, her soulmate, and even her own freedom in this compelling historical novel.


A native of Texas, Lynn Medley now resides in Reno, Nevada. As a tour coach operator for more than two decades, Medley has had the opportunity to visit many places of historical interest and witness the plight of the American Indian and the pioneers who settled the frontier.

(2007, paperback, 212 pages)


Mason Valley Ranch [E-book edition]
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