Matthew Mouse

Matthew Mouse
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Matthew Mouse
by David Dublin

Mathew Mouse is a short tale of the adventures of Mathew the mouse, and his friend, a cat named Whiskers. With a good bit of humor Mathew and Whiskers address the cat’s very intense and often comical want of cookies. Whiskers wants cookies always—even for breakfast! Within this story the author has expressed Christian values, placing importance on self-control and, even more importantly, patience and faith. It is truly an endearing story to be cherished.

About the Author

Born in 1995 David Dublin is a creative youth and young Christian man. In the story of Mathew Mouse, he has found a means to combine his interest in cartoons with his desire to do what is directed by the Lord. He hopes his story will illustrate Christian life and experiences. Mathew Mouse was completed in 2009 and first published in 2012.

His other hobbies include drawing, running, religion, and family. He has also started making videos.

(2014, Paperback, 112 pages)


Matthew Mouse E-Book
Matthew Mouse E-Book

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