Mama Joe's Boutique

Mama Joe's Boutique
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Mama Joe's Boutique
by Jerry C. Merritt

In Mama Joe’s Boutique, Jerry C. Merritt highlights qualities relating to determination, loyalty, and love in various forms. This screenplay also touches upon diverse challenges one tends to find in a sometimes uncertain urban society.

Reflecting with his therapist on his childhood memories, Billy Joe describes to Dr. Freeman the time in his life when he was a dancer at a strip club without his mother’s knowledge. Fearing his mother would disapprove greatly, he keeps it a secret. As the story progresses, Billy Joe navigates a range of encounters, some of which test his understanding of the world and his place within it in one way or another.

Billy Joe also talks to the doctor about his mother, Mama Joe, and her boutique. After years of running the boutique, Mama Joe finds out the building owner is selling, and the woman next door is trying to buy her out of the establishment.

Will Billy Joe ever reveal his secret lifestyle to his mother? And can Mama Joe fight to keep her boutique? Join these colorful characters as they incorporate their strong Christian beliefs into their day-to-day lifestyles, knowing whatever the outcome, God will see them through anything.

About the Author

Jerry C. Merritt is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. This icon is one of the best when it comes to his field rifle and sword spinning. Jerry has captivated his audiences for over thirty years, bringing his talent to people of all ages and leaving smiles on their faces. His talents have led him to write his first book, Mama Joe’s Boutique.

(2008, paperback, 62 pages)


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