Madness Entanglement

Madness Entanglement
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Madness Entanglement
by TEP

Madness Entanglement, by author TEP, is a thrilling hybrid of a novel that pulls only the best elements from criminal mysteries and slasher-style horror. Anviltown is a quiet, sleepy place where nothing exciting ever happens – until a mysterious killer called the Nameless appears to wreak havoc on the town’s inhabitants. Mass murder, psychopathic manipulation, and strategic killings are unleashed in Anviltown, and it is up to Detective Dylan Chase to stop these dreadful occurrences. He is partnered with the beautiful and strong Natalia and, together, they need to figure out how to stop this murderer before everything is lost. With the help of teenagers Marty and Zelda, who were this madman’s targets from the beginning, the detectives escape death numerous times to crack the case. Who is the Nameless? What is his endgame in murdering innocents? What is the madness that is entangling the town? This exciting novel will answer all of these burning questions and many more.

About the Author:

Author TEP started his journey by writing different types of fanfiction. As a huge fan of the slasher genre, he wanted to expand his repertoire to include work with characters of his own creation. This novel has been written and re-written to include many elements that draw on his own interests and past experiences as a writer and avid reader. It has grown with him as his own tastes and preferences have grown, and it has evolved into the novel you see before you. The author states that his hopes for this endeavor are for his readers to “enjoy its content, and for it to be an engaging experience.” This is TEP’s first published novel.

(2016, Paperback, 336 pages)


Madness Entanglement (e-book)
Madness Entanglement (e-book)

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