Love Streak: Poetic Expressions

Love Streak: Poetic Expressions
Item# 978-0-8059-6836-1

by Kenneth Musser

Love Streak: Poetic Expressions is a unique compilation of rhyming verses that continues Kenneth Musser’s creative collection. The author defines them as “insights, ideas, and foresights from a man-made galaxy, Galactic Galaxy II, far, far away,” and admirers of his previous work will continue to be intrigued with the images presented here.

In selections such as “Bio-Cyber Life” Mr. Musser presents an engaging description of characteristics and ideals:

Life is for the living today, too-
Possibly the spirit of adventure today, too…
Reach for love: Give birth to new thoughts/words
Each and every day of your life today, too.
Experience life: Let all things become new today, too.
Life is for the living today, too. Live life today, too.

Other poetic expressions explore the future of society in descriptive, thought-inspiring language, including the rhyming “By the People, For the People”:

We the people of a local, regional, national, global, and cosmic
Organizational entity are called to the world and to the world’s needs.
We contribute to the welfare of freedom-loving mankind everywhere.
We enrich those aspects of our culture and other cultures everywhere….

Love Streak: Poetic Expressions promises readers more of the creative and expressive work they have come to expect from Kenneth Musser.


Love Streak: Poetic Expressions is Kenneth Musser’s fifteenth published book. A graduate of Fair Lawn Public Schools in New Jersey, Hope College, and Michigan State University, the author resides in Pennsylvania, where he dedicates much of his time to writing, designing, and inventing, and he continues to explore electronics as a hobby.

(2005, paperback, 38 pages)


Love Streak: Poetic Expressions [E-book edition]
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