The Lonely Penguin

The Lonely Penguin
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The Lonely Penguin
by David C. Lee

In a hill high up the frozen sea lives an old lady who makes a living by trading what she makes for food. One day three robbers break into her house but find nothing more than the food she has just cooked. Safe behind her secret hiding place, the old lady watches as the young men eat their fill.

Before the three robbers leave, the youngest gets a pillow, which the lady has embroidered with a smiling penguin. But the oldest throws the pillow away as they ride in their car—and the pillow with the happy penguin rolls and rolls until it stops in a place where the lonely penguin lives.

Will the lonely penguin ever become happy again?

About the Author

David C. Lee lives in Buxton, NC, with his wife, Ruth, and together they have three children, David Jr., Renee’, and John. David is a retired chief engineer for the North Carolina Ferry System.

(2011, hardcover, 46 pages)


The Lonely Penguin (PDF)
The Lonely Penguin (PDF)

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