The Lord Is My Herdsman

The Lord Is My Herdsman
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The Lord is My Herdsman
by Wanda Austin

In The Lord Is My Herdsman, Wanda Faye Austin tells the very personal story of her faith. After a difficult childhood and a rebellious young adulthood, she found herself in the least predictable place she could imagine: living on a farm and raising cattle with her husband, Randle. Itís a challenging life, but the more she learns about her cows and being their caretaker, the more she reflects on herself and the journey she has taken toward a fulfilling relationship with God.

In turns funny and thought-provoking, but always honest and heartfelt, The Lord Is My Herdsman offers the wisdom one woman has collected during her hard-fought battle to be closer to God. Austin relates her lessons of faith to lessons she learned on the farm. Her experience raising cattle has given her a deeper understanding of how God leads us to Himself, and she shares those lessons learned with a genuine interest in helping you grow in your own faith.

About the Author

Wanda Austin lives in Florence, Alabama, with her husband and their three children. She is a member of Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church. Wanda enjoys exercising, reading, gardening, and studying scripture.

(2011, paperback, 74 pages)


The Lord Is My Herdsman (PDF)
The Lord Is My Herdsman (PDF)

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