Living the Life

Living the Life
Item# 978-0-8059-7123-1

by S. D. Middelton

Living the Life is a richly detailed contemporary novel that deals with love: love found, love lost, love simply mislaid, and a strong woman who believes that learning to live and survive is all it is about in her troubled world of being black and gay. Hope, freedom of speech, and joy of living is a privilege we all share but few experience, says Denise, the main character, and her life bears it out.

Denise finds love with Renee – until it suddenly ends; with Eva – until she is betrayed; and with Milo, a love that promises to last. But if you want the rainbow, Denise says, you have to put up with the rain.


S.D. Middelton was born and raised in Hampton County, South Carolina, and lives there to this day. One of her three children died in 2004; this book is dedicated to him and to the author’s father, who died in 2005.

S.D. Middelton attended Columbia Jr. College, and runs her own business today as a housepainter. She is particularly interested in church events, painting, basketball and other sports, and the oceans – and, of course, writing. Living the Life took almost five years to write; but as the book’s last line promises, “a continuation is due.”

(2007, paperback, 108 pages)


Living the Life [E-book edition]
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