Live the Unlimited LIFE

Live the Unlimited LIFE
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Live the Unlimited LIFE
by Jimmie R. Horton

Life is about tapping into God’s immeasurable opportunities.

Jimmie R. Horton, through inspirational stories of his childhood and adult life, encourages readers to believe in the endless possibilities God has set before us. It is through God that we can all become a success story, despite life’s challenges, trials, and tribulations.

Through God-centered and faith-based choices, we are able to stand on the promises of God and deal with all of the negativity, adversity, and challenges that we may face now and in our future.

Live the Unlimited LIFE stimulates us to explore our faith in the power of God that we may experience a brighter outlook on life and as Horton describes it, “A supernatural level of potential and success.”

Horton received his Bachelor of Science degree in education from Jackson State College and he received his Masters of Science degree in guidance and counseling from Jackson State University. He attained an Iowa State Board of Education Permanent Professional Educator certificate and a Doctorate of Divinity Degree from St. Thomas Christian College.

Horton was an educator for twenty-five years in the Davenport public school system. He is the founder and pastor of Gospel Mission Temple of Davenport. He also serves on the board of bishops of the International Full Gospel Holy Temple Church.

Horton is the Director of Gospel Mission Temple’s Ministerial Institute, which operates more than sixty ministries. He was the Building Project Director of the multi-million dollar facility on 35 acres of inner city prime land.

He served as board member of Churches United of the Quad Cities and as the Director of Religious Affairs for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). He is currently a commissioner for the Affirmative Action for the City of Davenport.

(2016, Paperback, 344 pages)


Live the Unlimited LIFE [E-book]
Live the Unlimited LIFE [E-book]

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