A Little R and R

A Little R and R
Item# 978-0-8059-6920-7

by Patricia J. Salvage

Are you looking for new and fresh ways to understand and think about your Christian faith? Patricia Salvage offers a compelling and beautifully crafted collection of short stories, parables, and essays in A Little R and R that explain and speak to modern Christian issues in a simple yet meaningful way. Through allegories, Salvage exposes hypocrites, describes the empty without faith, and uplifts the joyful in Christ and those who have learned the errors of their worldly ways. In her powerfully clear essays, Salvage draws clear analogies and strikes a more personal note, showing how her personal faith has played an important role in her life. Read A Little R and R to share in Patricia Salvage’s provocative insight, touching inspiration, and pure enjoyment of her faith in this modern world.


Patricia Salvage is an Emergency Management Specialist for the Onalaska City Fire Department through AmeriCorps. She has served her country and her community through AmeriCorps since August of 2004. Salvage also owns her own business, which markets and distributes health products and oils. In addition to writing, Salvage enjoys hunting, horses, fishing, chess, music, and the outdoors. A Little R and R was inspired by her belief that communication is the prime link for all human beings to explore ideas, frustrations, outrage, and injustice; it is her first published work.

(2005, paperback, 124 pages)


A Little R and R
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