Little Tree Finds a Home for Christmas

Little Tree Finds a Home for Christmas
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Little Tree Finds a Home for Christmas
by Dorothy Lee Williams

Little Tree, the saddest Christmas tree ever, wants so badly to be able to go home with a nice family for Christmas. But since he is so little, nobody wants to buy him! He begs Farmer John, but Farmer John says his house is too small for two trees. So then he begs Mr. Corn Silk, who owns the nursery, but Mr. Corn Silk doesn’t want him, either.

Will anyone find it in their heart to take home Little Tree and share some Christmas joy with him?

About the Author

A member of the United Federation of Teachers, AARP, World Vision, and the National Council of Negro Women Inc., Ms. Dorothy Williams currently resides in New York City. She received her bachelor of arts degree in sociology from the College of Staten Island and completed numerous professional development workshops.

Aside from writing, Ms. Williams enjoys scrapbooking and collecting pictures and articles of famous African-Americans. She has one daughter, Zandra Rochelle.

“Writing a book about Christmas has always been a dream of mine,” Ms. Williams says. “I chose Little Tree because it includes subjects to which many people can relate.”

(2009, paperback, 32 pages)


Little Tree Finds a Home for Christmas (e-book)
Little Tree Finds a Home for Christmas (e-book)

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