Lives Oxymoronic

Lives Oxymoronic
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Lives Oxymoronic
by Peter Seadle

The characters in these stories all live in reality, or so they believe.

Do they really?

Is their world one in which they can meet someone, love someone, wish for something, or fear something? Can it ever turn out how they expect?

Not here.

Here, they do not need to fear anything or anyone. Happy imaginations shape their realities and satisfy them in ways beyond reality.

Are they dreamers? Or are they part of a more sinister game?

About the Author:

Peter Seadle was born in Germany in 1919. After coming to the Unites States, he proudly served in the United States Army. After that, he led a successful career at Franklin and Marshall College until retiring in 1988.

(2015, Paperback, 134 pages)


Lives Oxymoronic (e-book)
Lives Oxymoronic (e-book)

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