A Life of Spiritual Happenings

A Life of Spiritual Happenings
Item# 978-0-8059-7842-1

by Avis

Avis has lived a blessed life. Rooted in her faith from an early age, she overcame a near-death experience when her prayers were answered. This traumatic event entrenched her in her path toward Catholicism, and she converted at the age of eighteen.

She lived a fairly ordinary life until unexplainable “supernatural” things began to occur well into her adult life. Rosaries that turned into gold on their own, intense blue orbs of light, and her ability to give peace and sometimes heal those who were ill—she soon realized these gifts were from God. An inspirational tale of discovering faith, Avis encourages all those who are traveling along their faith journey, reminding them to listen and He shall answer.


Avis currently resides in California. She is widowed but was fortunate to find love again and has since remarried. She has three children and enjoys crafts, reading, writing, and gardening. She hopes this book will inspire others to follow their faith wherever it may lead them.

(2008, paperback, 50 pages)


A Life of Spiritual Happenings [E-book edition]
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