A Life of His Own Making

A Life of His Own Making
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A Life of His Own Making
by Saul Sheiman

For Paul, eternity ends that morning. His wife dies, leaving him alone. Daily activities are repetitive. He is going through the motions, not knowing what to do with his new life. His family doesn’t know how to help—move on, start dating or, worse yet, end it all. So when his son suggests a trip to Thailand, Paul can’t help but feel skeptical. What he discovers in Thailand, however, will change his life. At an age when most men have retired, Paul finds himself refusing to follow the traditional Western manner. With the aid of Thai culture, he reinvents himself and realizes he’s only just now entered the best years of his life.

About the Author

Saul Sheiman, a native of New York City, has lived the major part of his life in Southern California. His study of Buddhism prompted him to visit Thailand. His fascination with the Thai culture brought him back thirty-eight times in over seventeen years. In his spare time, Saul enjoys literature, music, philosophy, and sports.

(2008, paperback, 106 pages)


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Reader Review for A Life of His Own Making
Reader Review for A Life of His Own Making
5.0 out of 5 stars The Game of Thai, May 5, 2009 By B. Kageyama

A revealing eye-opener to learn of the cunning ways of the Thai women, born into poverty, seeking an American man as their hope for a better life for themselves and their family. The game is played by all parties involved; American tourist, Thai ladies and their families. A Life of His Own Making allows the reader to take an unedited and honest peek into the Thai culture and nightclub scene; quiet and unassuming by day, electric at night. The intimate accounts of Saul's life experiences as detailed in this paperback are a gift for all to share

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