Lines, Notes, Life: Read to Relate

Lines, Notes, Life: Read to Relate
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Lines, Notes, Life: Read to Relate
by Pierre O. Henry

Are you a procrastinator? Does the overload of media information bother you? Have you given too much thought to the issue of racism in this world?

If at one time or another you have felt the urge to do as any of these mentioned above, then chances are you might feel at home with this Lines Notes Life Read to Relate by Pierre Henry. Here he describes the life of a procrastinator and the accumulation of habits and attitudes for which he is known: “…showing up two hours late…leaving life to faith…wanting everything but doing nothing, etc.”

Pierre’s verses may sting and criticize, as his poem “So Vain” shows: It notes with disdain the ascendancy of fast entertainment and quick information that serves to deluge our senses with so many choices and issues of privacy at stake. On the other hand, he may indulge in daring and audacity, as the piece “Mindset” conveys.

With its virtual smorgasbord of ideas and emotions, this book moves us to take a second look at things around us.

About the Author

Pierre O. Henry was born in Clarendon, Jamaica, on August 23, 1974. He received his GED with Business as his minor, a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, and a master’s degree in Education. He currently works as a teacher for the Leake and Watts. He has one son and presently resides in Danbury, Connecticut.

(2012, paperback, 44 pages)


Lines, Notes, Life: Read to Relate (PDF)
Lines, Notes, Life: Read to Relate (PDF)

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