Life Lessons and Spiritual Healings

Life Lessons and Spiritual Healings
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Life Lessons and Spiritual Healings
by The Learning Lís

In order to believe that God, indeed, moves in mysterious ways, one must look back on the past, in time when creation began, and connect each circumstance from the bygone to the present day.

In Life Lessons and Spiritual Healings, The Learning Lís tells us of the religious and spiritual lessons that are manifested from the book of Genesis through Revelation and give guidance to mankind to live their life out of better opportunity of the present and future. He goes on to relate these teachings with his own personal experiences and stories of people he met throughout his journey, who possess God-like individualism. Pieces of evidence from the Holy Scripture show the trueness of Godís existence and love for mankind.

Life Lessons and Spiritual Healings gives a chance for people to gain knowledge to follow God and to welcome him into their lives for divine intervention.

For those who are lost but are willing to find God and his kingdom, Life Lessons and Spiritual Healings will direct you to his light.

About the Author

The Learning Lís is a native of Jamaica, West Indies. He gained a certificate and a diploma in International Bible Institute and Seminary and acquired a degree in biblical studies from Friends International Christian University. He was encouraged to write Life Lessons and Spiritual Healings through witnessing the Lord in missionary songs, poems, and books.

(2010, paperback, 90 pages)


Life Lessons and Spiritual Healings (PDF)
Life Lessons and Spiritual Healings (PDF)

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