Life Keeps Happening

Life Keeps Happening
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Life Keeps Happening
by Lois Giorgis

Janet grew up in the big city, in the same tall apartment building as her best friends Julie and Jill, surrounded by all the sights and sounds of city life. But when her family moves to a house in the suburbs, she finds herself losing the only life she’s ever known. Who will her friends be in this new town? More importantly, who will Janet be?

In Three Weeks and its companion novella, Saying Goodbye, Janet and her new friends find themselves at the end of childhood, facing losses as small as a familiar apartment and as large as the sudden death of a friend. As they face new challenges and heartaches, they each learn that no problem is “forever awful,” that loss hurts—but it will get better.

About the Author:

Lois Giorgis is a former high-school counselor and mother of two/step-mother of three. As a counselor and then as vice president of Student Services for a small college, she has worked one-on-one with a multitude of students. She is also a lifelong artist, having completed over 100 portraits, abstracts, and landscapes, and is now sculpting alabaster, both realistic and abstract—and selling in two galleries.

(2016, Paperback, 190 pages)


Life Keeps Happening (e-book)
Life Keeps Happening (e-book)

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