Life Is a Strange Feeling

Life Is a Strange Feeling
Item# 978-0-8059-6964-1

by Roscoe L. Herring

The title to this engaging autobiography, Life Is a Strange Feeling, was conceived more than two decades before the completion of the actual book, as the author walked through a park in the New Center area of Detroit, Michigan. The auto industry at the time was in a state of collapse; vast numbers of corporate employees were being required to make sacrifices beyond all reasonable expectations; and the outcome of Roscoe L. Herring’s own personal circumstances had left him devastated. This whirlwind of emotions is unlike anything he had previously endured, and it led to reflections on the varied experiences – from early childhood through marriage, combat, and professional challenges – that had shaped his character, his values, and his perspective on life. Life Is a Strange Feeling is the culmination and expression of those times.


Roscoe L. Herring holds a business degree from the University of Detroit, where he majored in marketing. He currently is the co-owner of a fine downtown Detroit nightclub, The Rhino at Harmonie Park.

The author is also the proud father of three grown children, Stacey, Sandy, and Hillary. A Viet Nam veteran and an experienced corporate manager, Life Is a Strange Feeling is his first published book.

(2005, paperback, 152 pages)


Life Is a Strange Feeling [E-book edition]
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