Little Easter: Trying to Find a Miracle

Little Easter: Trying to Find a Miracle
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Little Easter: Trying to Find a Miracle
by Kevin McGuffey

“Is this the true stigmata? Is it possible? Or am I facing the devil?”

This is the remarkable account of the life of young Andrew Scot Foster. When Father Angelo reunites with one of his older Carmelite brothers in the unassuming city of Dayton, Ohio, he stumbles into the story of Andrew Scot Foster.

Amidst the ever-changing modern Catholic Church, is Andrew a living saint in the present day? Is he the spiritual revitalization the church so sorely needs? Is he the true stigmata—a manifestation of the suffering of Jesus Christ? Or, is there a more sinister explanation? How will Father Angelo and the people of our modern American culture react to the seemingly inexplicable events surrounding Andrew Scot Foster?

About the Author:

Kevin McGuffey currently resides in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio, where he was born and raised. When not writing, he spends his time with family and friends. He is also an avid ghost-hunter.

Little Easter was written for Kevin McGuffey’s father. In authoring Little Easter Kevin McGuffey hopes to leave the legacy of his father in the world. He is passionate about story-telling and more titles are in the works. Look for more book by Kevin McGuffey in the near future!

(2014, Paperback, 96 pages)


Little Easter: Trying to Find a Miracle [E-Book]
Little Easter: Trying to Find a Miracle [E-Book]

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