The Littlest Correctional Officer

The Littlest Correctional Officer
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The Littlest Correctional Officer
by Kitty Kesinger Crouse

There might be some notion of romance—even adventure—that goes with the idea of working for a state penitentiary, even one as tough as the Kansas State Penitentiary. For Kitty Kesinger Crouse, however, it came as natural as drinking water from a mountain spring. Why not, when it's almost second home, as many among her family have always been employed under its roof?

On the other hand, close contact with some of the toughest, strangest breed of humanity inside the prison cells must bring shivers to anyone's skin. For Kitty, it certainly did. And no one would cherish a brush off with possible untimely demise—this after a well-crafted manner of abuse—from the hands of a murdering, maniacal inmate. Yet, despite this, Kitty could declare KSP as a haven like no other she had known in her life. Find out why in this unique take on life behind correctional walls.

About the Author

Kitty Kesinger Crouse comes from a family which several members work in correctional institutions. Following the footsteps of her father and uncle, she also became a correctional officer at Leavenworth Detention Center in Kansas. She is now retired and spends most of her time with her family.

(2012, paperback, 38 pages)


The Littlest Correctional Officer (PDF)
The Littlest Correctional Officer (PDF)

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