Letters to My First Love

Letters to My First Love
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Letters to My First Love
by Camille L. Latreille

Falling in love makes your life worthwhile. Caron has her crush’s number tucked to her chest—she can’t wait for him to call. She met Hugh one evening, and she can’t believe they have spark for each other. He’s the first love of her life, and she is so deeply in love. The first call led to dates, and then led to one Christmas with Hugh joining her family celebrate, during which Hugh gave her a special gift—a pearl ring.

Their relationship going strong, Caron never anticipated everything ending after a year and a half. It was suffering moving on. But she found herself again, and found another love, failed love, her family growing, a third love, and coming to realize life eventually comes full circle.

Letters to My First Love, by Camille L. Latreille, is a story of love, life, and family shared in letters.

About the Author

Camille L. Latreille is a corporate executive with a passion for writing. Born in Canada and now residing in the United States, Camille makes her home in New York City and Cavendish, Vermont.

(2013, paperback, 116 pages)


Letters to My First Love (eBook)
Letters to My First Love (eBook)

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