Letter to My Daughters

Letter to My Daughters
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Letter to My Daughters
by Beverly A. Jensen

What to tell them? What do you say to young daughters on the threshold of discovering who they are in the larger world when youíre not going to be there to guide them? What is important for them to know for their journey that only Mom can tell them?

After raising her three daughters solo since they were preschoolers, the author faced the realization that an undiagnosed, debilitating illness may mean the end of her time with her children. As she recalled the stories of their childhood and her own life, the connection became apparent. Like a string of lovely pearls, the stories of the family history weave around the spiritual lessons to be learned through lifeís journey. In Letter to My Daughters: A Legacy the author offers her daughters guideposts for their futures and insights into the soulís eternal journey.

About the Author

Dr. Jensen came of age in Okinawa during the 1960s, and has been a global nomad ever since. After two years of searching for a cure, she overcame the illness (diagnosed as fibromyalgia) with Traditional Chinese Medicine and turned her life-long experiences in natural healing into a website targeting women, www.WomensMedicineBowl.com.

With a doctorate from the University of Washington, the author works as a communications consultant in international development and teaches health promotion. Her daughters continue international travel, and two have chosen international careers.

(2010, paperback, 72 pages)


Letter to My Daughters (PDF e-book)
Letter to My Daughters (PDF e-book)

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