Latino Fierce Despair and Perseverance

Latino Fierce Despair and Perseverance
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Latino Fierce Despair and Perseverance
by Jose L. Aguilar

Latino Fierce Despair and Perseverance tells us the story of a Latino indigenous mestizo child born out of wedlock and growing up poor. He is an eyewitness to his government’s injustices and affluent white society’s discrimination against the poor and indigenous.

After reading numerous books and magazines about the life in America, he makes up his mind to someday immigrate to the United States. His mother, a domestic worker, taught him since infancy to recognize the importance of an education. Working hard is the only way to get out of poverty and succeed in life. Persevere, and you will go far.

About the Author:

Jose L. Aguilar “CHOLO/INCA” was born in Peru and grew up in the city of Lima and the beach resort of La Punta Callao. He served in the Peruvian navy upon completion of the military service requirements. He immigrated to the United States, resided in San Diego, and later served in the U.S. Army as a Vietnam era draftee. He now lives in Chesapeake, Virginia.

(2016, Hardcover, 338 pages)


Latino Fierce Despair and Perseverance (e-book)
Latino Fierce Despair and Perseverance (e-book)

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