Kyle's One-Day Adventures! The Monster Plant! [and more stories]

Kyle's One-Day Adventures!  The Monster Plant! [and more stories]
Item# 978-0-8059-6683-1

by Tanya Lamb, Illustrations by Lisa Lott

Something exciting is always happening in young Kyle’s life, and he can’t wait to share his adventures with ambitious young readers. Exploring the world around him and making the most of his environment, Kyle starts his entertaining series of short tales with a story about his cousin’s friend Bill, who fortunately has a “Brave Little Hero” come to his rescue after a car accident.

Then he goes to the lake with his family, where he witnesses an amusing but thrilling battle between his dad and “The Big Fish.” Later, he goes with his uncle to “The Hunting Cabin,” where he shows his maturity and responsible nature by helping to clean it up, and finally he tangles with “The Monster Plant” while taking a walk in the woods with some friends.

Entertaining and educational, complete with illustrations, a brief quiz follows each tale, as well as a picture to color. Surely Kyle’s One-Day Adventures! will take your young readers on mind adventures of their own.


A native of California, Tanya Lamb and her husband, Charles, have two sons, Kyle and Tyler.

(2005, paperback, 32 pages)


Kyle's One Day Adventures: The Monster Plant [and more stories] [E-book edition]
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