Knowing: A Help Book

Knowing: A Help Book
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Knowing: A Help Book
by Linda Cirilo-Torres

“I hope to see my book as helpful in times of adversity. When yourself or someone you love is ill, the last thing you want is to be overwhelmed with trying to remember when your last CAT Scan was done, when you received your flu shot, or what your doctor’s address is. Knowing: A Help Book is about having that knowledge at hand.”

Drawing on her experiences with her own family’s hardships with illness and hospital stays—her mother’s stroke, her father’s cancer, her husband’s industrial accident—Linda Cirilo-Torres has created a blueprint for documenting each visit and procedure, as well as personal information, likes and dislikes, and photographs, all of those things that make us more than just a patient in a bed. “The more insight you can give doctors,” she writes, “the sooner you or your loved one can heal.”

About the Author:

Linda Cirilo-Torres has three wonderful children and five grandchildren; her family is very important to her. They’re very close and enjoy spending time with each other. Linda also enjoys reading, going on long walks, and hopes to travel more. She’s sixty-two and loving life! As the author says, “When adversity hits, you find out how strong your faith is, how strong and capable you are, and how much love you have to give.”

(2016, Paperback, 84 pages)


Knowing: A Help Book [ebook]
Knowing: A Help Book [ebook]

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