Kingdom of Salem

Kingdom of Salem
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Kingdom of Salem
by Stephanie Griffin

Including a memorable cast of characters that form a society of various supernatural beings, Stephanie Griffin’s Kingdom of Salem is an engrossing dark fantasy tale. By combining elements of many classics of the fantasy and horror genres, Griffin has created an engrossing read that relies heavily on the dialogue of the individuals who are searching for answers in her novel. Elements of family feuds and friendship rivalries litter the pages, as the narrative barrels towards its riveting conclusion.

A fast-paced read that is both original in the terms of its mythology and realistic in the wants and desires of its characters, Kingdom of Salem is sure to put a spell on you.

About the Author:

Stephanie Griffin is currently a student at Tunxis Community College. She loves to be outdoors and go camping. She also enjoys knitting using her own unique designs.

(2015, Paperback, 124 pages)


Kingdom of Salem (e-book)
Kingdom of Salem (e-book)

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