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by Steven S. Schneiderman

Kidstery is the delightfully illustrated adventure of Madison (Maddy) and Justin. The two pre-teens have adventures at the zoo, while fishing, and with beginner sports. They are confronted with problems that require logical solutions. They are also confronted with contemporary issues and exposed to philosophical differences.

Readers will come to see that what is the daily norm for some is also a source of wonderment for others. As Maddy and Justin learn, understanding does not always come in an instant. Sometimes comprehension requires reflection.

About the Author:

Steven S. Schneiderman is a professional engineer and PhD. He specializes in environmental engineering and regulatory affairs. He has nearly forty years of experience.

In addition to Kidstery, Steve has written five Louie Leppedimay mystery novels. All of Steve’s yarns stem from experiences that occurred over a lifetime of being nothing special. However, singularities happen unexpectedly. They surround stories everyone wishes they remembered. Kidstery included reminisces of those unique experiences.

(2016, Hardcover, 140 pages)


Kidstery (e-book)
Kidstery (e-book)

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