The Juniper Story

The Juniper Story
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The Juniper Story
by Pat Jameson

When Rick Kelley’s arm was broken by Neb Jame during an incident at school, Byron had no way to realize that his silence on the matter would make the approaching summer the time that would most define his life.

In The Juniper Story, Pat Jameson paints a western town reliving the nuances of discrimination in its many forms, this time involving the James, a family with a strange set of superhuman abilities, but whose mysterious personalities set them prominently apart from the people of their town.

When Rick’s father, Lloyd, pushes the matter beyond kids’ encounter, things quickly spiral out of hand, and neither Rick nor Byron are prepared for how the summer events unfold for them.

About the Author

Pat Jameson was born to a family of ranchers in Oregon. He grew up working on his uncle’s ranch for several years during summers. He graduated from Santa Clara University with a bachelor’s degree in History. He also has a Juris Doctor degree from Lewis & Clark College Northwestern School of Law. He has worked for the automotive industry since 1973 and has been involved in various projects. He currently works for an engineering firm in Avon Lake, Ohio. Other than writing and reading, he is also interested in traveling, sports, history, and watching movies.

(2013, Paperback, 430 pages)


The Juniper Story E-Book
The Juniper Story E-Book

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