Just Killing Time

Just Killing Time
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Just Killing Time
by Pat Chavis

Wrongly incarcerated for borrowing a vehicle, young Brent "Buzz" Galen is moved to Glen Cove Correctional Institution on the rural coast of North Carolina, where he meets Chuck Charles, a man who suffers from medical ailments. Within the prison, the two become good friends and work to find ways to fill the idleness of prison life, killing time any way that they can.

Not long into his prison stay, Buzz witnesses a number of illegal activities, primarily with the staff who are bringing in serious items of contraband. The ringleader of all of this activity is an inmate who's serving time for a manslaughter charge.

Secrets began to reveal themselves at Glen Cove, and long-standing illegal arrangements begin to unravel. But nothing is safe in the world of prison. As the culprits are being exposed, the level of danger rises, and many within Glen Cove are forced to make life-changing decisions…

About the Author

Born and raised in Robeson County, N.C., Pat Chavis once worked as a Prisons Administrator. This first-hand experience and research served as the inspiration behind the author's first published novel. Retired now, Chavis enjoys fishing, building birdhouses, and gardening.

(2013, paperback, 234 pages)


Just Killing Time (eBook)
Just Killing Time (eBook)

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