Joy 2 U

Joy 2 U
Item# 978-0-8059-6863-7

by Joyce Brown

In March of 2000, God began to inspire Joyce Brown to create poems and writings that glorify Him. She fervently feels that the resulting verse and thoughts contained within Joy 2 U came directly from God to her and are intended for the spiritual reader as a means of communicating with mankind, offering hope, comfort, and inspiration.

Continuing her own personal walk with Jesus, Ms. Brown invites her readers to form a personal relationship with Him as both Lord and Savior. Through her words, she tells His story, of how He was sent by the Father, suffered and died for our sins, and was resurrected to take His rightful place in Heaven, where He is preparing an eternal home for those who believe.

Her verse speaks of accepting Jesus’ freely offered salvation by accepting what He offers and shares how His mercy and forgiveness wash away our sins. She reveals the bible truth that we are given a choice to either live for God, through His Son Jesus Christ, and join Him in eternal life or live in sin and spend eternity separated from God.

Not only for Christians, Ms. Brown hopes her writing, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, will reach eyes and ears throughout the world so that all may share in the promises of God. As she has been blessed by the Father, so she hopes her words will encourage others to receive His gift of salvation so that we all may meet in Heaven on Judgment Day.


A native of Texas, Joyce Brown and her two children, Anna and Daniel, now reside in Louisiana, where she is employed as a teacher for Lafourche Parish and is a member of the Bayou Blue Assembly of God Church.

(2006, paperback, 42 pages)


Joy 2 U [E-book edition]
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Reader Review
Joyce Brown always thought she never had any talents to give God. Though she met people each day with various skills they used to honor God, she never felt she had anything to contribute to her church or others. In a heartfelt prayer, she asked God to give her a talent that she could use specially for Him. In 2000, that long-awaited gift finally came. “He started giving me poems, and I would share them with people,” said the soft-spoken woman.

-- Daily Comet, Jamie Lugibihl Dishman, August 14, 2006

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