Joshua: A Story of Two Brothers

Joshua: A Story of Two Brothers
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Joshua: A Story of Two Brothers
by Shannon Marie Dixon

In Joshua: A Story of Two Brothers, Shannon Dixon shares her experiences of love and loss of two young boys, taken too soon, and the heartbreak of this blended family as they try to deal with their sorrow.

This is a story of a mother’s love for a child born with cystic fibrosis, who struggles daily to live the best life possible. In his time on Earth, this beautiful soul brings joy and love to everyone he comes in contact with, from caring family and friends to healthcare professionals, and even strangers along the way. Dixon imparts her own knowledge and encouragement in grappling with the “system” to secure much needed care for her beloved son. In the end, it wouldn’t be enough.

As if losing her child weren’t difficult enough, just when Shannon thinks she might be coming out the other side of her grief after his passing, tragedy strikes again. How does someone gather the strength to get through such overpowering loss? Does a mother really ever recover, or does she simply accept and try to move on? Each day takes her a step closer to hope for the future, a life after loss.

(2011, paperback, 78 pages)


Joshua: A Story of Two Brothers (PDF)
Joshua: A Story of Two Brothers (PDF)

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