Jenniflower's World of Enchantment

Jenniflower's World of Enchantment
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Jenniflower's World of Enchantment
by Patricia J. Prettyman

All children love the world of fairytales and adventures.

Curious about others of their kind, Jenniflower sets on a journey to far lands with her friend, Crocket the toad. They go through valleys, forests, and rivers, realizing how beautiful the world is and how Mother Nature loves all creatures and all she has made.

Along their way, they meet a lot of mystical creatures that become their blessing and new friends. They receive food and drinks provisions in the long journey, and they learn how complete strangers can be so welcoming and warm.

Jenniflower’s World of Enchantment, by Patricia J. Prettyman, teaches friendship, sharing, and concern. It is a story that invites readers to open up their imagination.

About the Author

Patricia J. Prettyman lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, Dan, and their son, Daniel Dale, who lives in Sandy Oregon. The inspiration of this book was their daughter, Jennifer, who passed away in 2000. She is Jenniflower in the story. Jennifer, along with her daughter, Shawna, enjoyed the fairy world. Patricia wishes her stories to be published so they can be enjoyed by the children of today and the name “Jenniflower” lives forever in the fairytales that her mama writes.

(2011, paperback, 48 pages)

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Jenniflower's World of Enchantment (PDF)
Jenniflower's World of Enchantment (PDF)

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