Jennifer, the Special One

Jennifer, the Special One
Item# 978-0-8059-6395-3

by Helena R. Chung

On young Sherry’s first day of school, she excitedly comes home and tells her mother she has made a new friend, a special friend, explaining how her new friend did not seem to be at all happy about being in school and how she befriended her. As the week goes on, every day she comes home with another story about Jennifer, the Special One. She tells her mom how it takes several days for Jennifer to stop crying and acting out and begin to accept the hand of friendship Sherry has extended to her, but eventually the girls are best of friends and inseparable while at school.

Eventually Sherry’s mom goes to meet the class teacher, and it soon becomes clear why Sherry, the warmhearted and giving little girl she is, has reached out to Jennifer, the Special One, and why Jennifer is such a special little girl herself.

About the Author: A native of Korea, Helena R. Chung and her husband, Joseph, presently reside in California, where they are raising two children: Elizabeth and Sarah. Ms. Chung is a student at the Institute of Children’s Literature as well as a graduate of the Hotel/Restaurant Management program at Education Direct.

(2003, paperback, 26 pages)


Jennifer, the Special One [E-book edition]
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