Jazzgator Rator

Jazzgator Rator
Item# 0-8059-4978-x

by Elaine Washington Vigne

Rhyming is a fun and easy way to teach children to read, and the best way to keep their attention is by using common, everyday themes and items to which they can relate. Elaine Washington Vigne combines these ideas, along with fanciful illustrations, in Jazzgator Rator, a phonetic primer for young readers.

While blending consonance and assonance, Jazzgator Rator utilizes recognizable events to illustrate the ease of reading once a child has grasped a few common sounds and letters, combined to form familiar activities and belongings. Sequences such as “Like, like, to ride my bike” and “Fruits, fruits, grow from roots” focus a child’s attention on reading by rhyming while the creative black and white illustrations help the child to visualize the meaning of words.

Entertaining and interactive, parents and teachers alike will find Elaine Washington Vigne’s Jazzgator Rator a valuable addition to both home and classroom bookshelves.

About the Author: The mother of two, she has a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, with a minor in art. Elaine Washington Vigne created Jazzgator Rator because she believes learning should be fun.

In addition to writing, Vigne also enjoys quilting, drawing, painting, and chess.

(2001, paperback, 20 pages)

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