Jars of Broken Hearts

Jars of Broken Hearts
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Jars of Broken Hearts
by Derra Nicole Sabo

A young woman tells her life story, a journey of enduring hope. She was born with Epidermalysis Bullosa, a congenital disease that leaves her with physical disabilities and visual impairment. She recounts her childhood, the changes in her family, and the changes in her body from the various surgeries and treatments she undergoes.

Her undefeatable spirit comes shining through, as she not only deals with her physical challenges, but also the demons of her dreams. The fears and uncertainties from her daily life melt into her nighttime slumber, and she needs to grow in strength and courage to triumph. Will she succeed? Will she find the peace of mind and force of character she desires?

About the Author

Derra Nicole Sabo is a debut writer who is bringing the narrative of her own coming-of-age story to light. In addition to writing, she utilizes her creative personality when designing fashion, dancing, drawing, and cooking. She is a lifelong native of California.

(2008, paperback, 52 pages)


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