I Wish I Were OK with Chocolate

I Wish I Were OK with Chocolate
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I Wish I Were OK with Chocolate
by Pamela Lynn Taylor

I Wish I Were OK with Chocolate serves to both comfort and entertain those who live with food allergies. Based on the story of a real boy with allergies to milk products, I Wish I Were OK with Chocolate tells the story of a child who loves his chocolate treats in spite of his allergies. He wishes he were OK with chocolate.

“What food allergies? I can dream of my birthday being filled with chocolates!”

About the Author: Pamela Lynn Taylor currently resides in Louisiana. At age 44, she is the proud single parent of a eleven-year-old son. Her son, Blair, has food allergies. In part, his allergies specifically those to milk products served to inspire her writing of I Wish I were OK with Chocolate.

Pamela Lynn Taylor’s interest in writing began at the age her son is, eleven. The interest has stuck with her and turned into a hobby. It has now developed into I Wish I Were OK with Chocolate, which is her first published book. Her strong faith in God has helped her to move forward with this book, because, “All things are possible with God.”

(2015, Paperback, 28 pages)


I Wish I Were OK with Chocolate
I Wish I Were OK with Chocolate

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