I Stole the Turtle and The Octave Rule

I Stole the Turtle and The Octave Rule
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I Stole the Turtle and The Octave Rule
by George Norton

Once upon a time, the Rolling Stones sang, “I can’t get no satisfaction.” Were these lyrics meaningful? Perhaps, but bet your bottom dollar you can have satisfaction.

Laugh and learn in equal measure as the author retraces his former steps by enumerating some of his dastardly deeds, then join him in pondering many enlightening self-help tips. Are you sure what you’re living for is worth dying for? Discover the lighthouse in a sea of din.

About the Author

George Norton is the author of The Den of Iniquity, his first dramatic novel. After having observed the turmoil and brokenness in the populace, he was inspired to research the reasons for so much suffering. Norton lives in Wichita, Kansas, and he spends his spare time reading. He devotes himself to prison ministry and eradicating hunger.

(2008, paperback, 118 pages)


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