In Spite of Me (Jesus Saves)

In Spite of Me (Jesus Saves)
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In Spite of Me (Jesus Saves)
by R.M. Kennedy

God teaches us many things and guides us through all kinds of experiences in our lives, and author R.M. Kennedy shares her views on God through this collection of reflective and inspirational poetry, In Spite of Me (Jesus Saves). Ms. Kennedy’s poems speak to her desire to have God in her life in poems such as “A Morning Prayer” and “Broken”. Other poems she dedicates to friends or family, such as “Playful, Funny, and Wise,” which is about her father, and “A Special Person,” which shares her love for her mother. Those who are looking for poetry that is easy to read and has a message centered on God’s saving powers and family may enjoy In Spite of Me (Jesus Saves).

About the Author

R.M. Kennedy has been writing poetry since her teen years and was inspired to compile this collection at the request of her mother and women in her church. She was active with the Sacred Performing Arts of Canaan Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., where she also sang in the choir, until her recent move to Mobile, Alabama. Ms. Kennedy has two daughters, Shonda and Keina, and enjoys reading, writing, and singing.

(2010, paperback, 34 pages)


In Spite of Me (Jesus Saves) [PDF ebook]
In Spite of Me (Jesus Saves) [PDF ebook]

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