I Met a Wizard, Have You?

I Met a Wizard, Have You?
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I Met a Wizard, Have You?
by Marion E. Frauen

Once in a land beside a sea but not so far away I met a wise ol’ wizard who invited me to play…Thus begins Marion E. Frauen’s playful and intelligent story about the power of imagination and words.

Joining the wizard on an adventure, you travel across the sea and sky, dancing amidst the stars. The whole future spreads before you filled with new delights. But how did the wizard become so wise and powerful? How is he able to sing with frogs and dance in the air? Lean in and the wizard will tell you his secrets… and you, too, can have unlimited fun and adventure. You only need the key.

Frauen writes so all children can learn of the adventures and happiness to be found in books. I Met a Wizard, Have You? is a charming introduction to joy of reading.

About the Author:

Marion E. Frauen lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

(2016, Paperback, 36 pages)


I Met a Wizard, Have You? (e-book)
I Met a Wizard, Have You? (e-book)

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