If You Tell, I'll Kill You

If You Tell, I'll Kill You
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If You Tell, I'll Kill You
by Phyllis S. Thomas

Phyllis S. Thomas says this book is her ministry—she believes she has been called to share her story in order to help others in abusive situations. Although her past haunted her for many years, Ms. Thomas was finally able to face her demons with the help of her relationship with God and some good friends. Now, she hopes that the journey she shares in If You Tell, I'll Kill You will inspire others to overcome their own obstacles.

Removed from her biological mother at a very young age, Phyllis was shuffled around for much of her childhood. At an orphanage she suffered neglect and physical abuse, and later was sexually abused by her foster father. She finally found some love and stability with her adoptive family, but by this time her emotional scars were deep and her past continued to be a burden for her. Her troubled relationships with men led to several pregnancies at a young age and Phyllis knew she suffered from very low self-esteem.

Determined to improve life for herself and her children, Phyllis started a career and took solace in her church. Aided by a loving friend, she was finally able to stare down her past and start life anew..

About the Author

Phyllis S. Thomas is a longtime resident of Temple Hills, Maryland, and a native of Washington, D.C. Ms. Thomas is employed as a cosmetologist and has four children: Cherice, Cherell, Cherita, and Cheronda. She enjoys singing and being involved with the Shalam World Outreach Church. She hopes that her story will help others to break their silence about the abuse they have suffered.

(2010, paperback, 90 pages)


If You Tell, I'll Kill You (PDF e-book)
If You Tell, I'll Kill You (PDF e-book)

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