I Can Choose

I Can Choose
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I Can Choose
by Ann Elizabeth Higgins

“Teaching our children ‘how to choose’ at an early age supplies them with the knowledge that ‘choice’ is a very important component in preparation for adulthood.”

Parents become so consumed with teaching their children basic survival skills that they often forget a major component in their children’s development: choice. In I Can Choose, Ann Elizabeth Higgins highlights some common instances in a child’s life where choice is involved. By providing both the good and bad choices and comparing them, Higgins illuminates the positive results that come from making the right decision and listening to parents. I Can Choose educates both parent and child with an effective guide in teaching a child positive decision making.

About the Author

Ann Elizabeth Higgins holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and plans to continue taking courses to earn a masters degree in education. She works and resides in Massachusetts as a nurse. She has been a member of the American Nurses’ Association since 1980 and enjoys reading, writing, painting, and decorating.

(2009, paperback, 32 pages)


I Can Choose (e-book)
I Can Choose (e-book)

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